GLFS Group
Global Logisitics Freight Services

GLFS started its operation in the heart of Amman in 1999 as a Limited Liability Company with a solid financial position and international repute. Year after year the business grow successfully and GLFS became one of the Largest freight forwarder companies in the area.

Facing a very competitive market and in less than 16 years, the company has been able to progress and to introduce new services. Today, GLFS is considered among the leading forwarding companies in Jordan with more than 165 employees and departments growing bigger everyday. We are a company committed to excellence and are well respected within the shipping community for our financial integrity.

We are active in almost all shipping activities; freight forwarder; cargo/ship broker. The company went on progressing from one strength to another and considered one of the leading shipping companies in Jordan.

Our Amman head office located in the heart of the capital, the commercial center of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan where 90% of trading, industrial companies have their offices and close to other two major big cities Zarka & Irbid.

Our branch offices are located all over the kingdom
Branch office(s):

  • Amman Airport Office
  • Aqaba Office
  • ZARKA Office
  • Sahab Office
  • Baghdad, Iraq

GLFS Baghdad branch (owned office) , in Iraq, is established in 1999 and full operate before and after U.N. embargo. Now Iraq office is working to handle the land trans-shipments coming by road from Jordan through Aqaba to Baghdad Approval.

GLFS Jordan expertise reflect the unique performance protecting principal's interests with high quality standards and diversified experience in handling all types of cargoes and transport modes.

Our People
We bring value innovation and growth to your business

Our dedicated staff are termed technically perfect having long experience in Jordan market and are mastering English language beside the mother tongue (Arabic) and capable of using modern technology of communication.

GLFS is managed by the most experienced and dedicated team of professionals with extensive knowledge in the shipping industry. We are 100% Jordanian owned shipping agency and international freight forwarding successfully operating in Jordan.

Our Customers
We bring value innovation and growth to your business

In a relatively short period of operation, GLFS Group has gained the trust of both global and international industry leaders, reinforcing our ability to deliver on our promises.

Chairman's Message
Mr. Bassam Al Zaben

As a world-class advanced Shipping leader, we must continually reach out to new and different points of view to succeed in the global marketplace. This means we must have an environment that attracts the best people with the biggest dreams and the highest standards – and give them the support and encouragement they need to reach their full potential. It also keeps us focused on assuring the widest possible circle of suppliers with whom we do business.

Bassam Al Zaben
The Chairman

GLFS Group
Members & Subsidaries

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