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GLFS as independent Jordanian freight forwarding company, started services in 1999. Over the years, GLFS has become one of the fastest growing of its kind in this business sector. We are proud to say that for renowned domestic, regional and internationally operating companies, GLFS has become a reliable, and indispensable business partner for their shipping ,logistics and supply chain activities, simplydue to the fact that although GLFS is local in identity, yet international in activities quality and performance standards.

Reliable; It is a fact that one of the most important factor in routing a shipment, is finding a reliable business specialist on whom you can fully rely upon to deliver your consignment smoothly, safely and on time. Here comes the role of GLFS weather shipments imported or exported regardless of type , weight or volume.

Flexible; one of our main strengths is our flexibility in conducting business with our clients, vendors, overseas partners or even with our competitors. It is self challenging to always keep our partner clients do business with us on the long run.

GLFS - Global Logistics Freight Services..

In GLFS we provides reliable integrated services under one roof, it is a one stop shop consept of transport and relative by products; land transport, Shipping air & sea freight, logistics solutions & services, warehousing, express courier, supply chain management,custom clearance, fairs/ exhibition and projects handling.

Star Transportation Company

In order to be able to meet the needs of our clients connecting the chain parts together for integrated services , GLFS invested heavily in order to own & operate a fleet of trucks to serve our clients nationwide on containerized And general cargoes imported or exported. GLFS now is proud of its capability to provide transportation service with the most competitive and value added In order to be always ready to meet our clients requests , fleet should be well maintained and so GLFS did established its own maintenance workshop with parking area for trucks around 16000 SQM in Sahab Area. Transiting via Jordan is widely required depending on overland transport, and GLFS is offering this to local clients exporting or importing form countries in the region or for our overseas associates having goods to move through Jordan .

ARAB Tower For Clearance

Well established ,registered customs clearance company with highly qualified staff with knowledge of all rules of documentation and regulation ATCC is committed to provide clients with professional consultation pertained to regulations, tariff and relative documentation . Available in all Jordanian outlet borders, customs centers of Jordan ;Queen Alia airport, Aqaba Port, Amman customs center and Karamah borders center,etc... Your consignment is in safe hands to be processed with relative and appropriate bill of entry; for Jordan market consumption, In-transit , temporary entry , or under exemption rules ..etc… We offer quality service with unmatched efficiency. You would be interacting with a team of well qualified and highly experienced professionals.